Insulated HDXLPE Tanks for Sodium Bisulfite Storage within the Municipal Market

Insulated HDXLPE Tanks2,750 Gallon Insulated Tanks with Heat Tracing & Insulation, Scrubbers, Seismic Design, FRP Ladders Complete Drainage
Full Drainage IMFO Outlet Full Drainage IMFO Outlet
44″ Interconnect with Expansion Joints

The project had multiple requirements that included: a storage capacity of 5,000 gallons, a height limitation of 10′ (so that the residents of the neighborhood in which this facility was located would not consider it an eyesore), temperature maintenance (to prevent the products from freezing), fume control (so that the residents would not detect any odor), complete drainage (to enhance long term performance), OSHA compliant and operator-friendly access. Our hybrid solution met every requirement by incorporating off-the-shelf and custom components to satisfy our client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

Client Location Challenge Players Solution Product
A Regional Water Authority Southern California 5,000 gallons ≤10’ ht Consulting Engineer
General Contractor
(2) low profile tanks with features to meet objectives Full Drain Polyethylene Tanks