A Southern California plating company recently installed five 15,000 gallon poly tanks to capture stormwater runoff in order to comply with federal stormwater regulations. Stormwater runoff from their facility would contain a significant amount of solids which would need to be removed after every storm.

Instead of sending their personnel into the 20’ tall tanks through the top manway, they decided to install side manways instead. CRP Tank Specialties had the solution to their problem and delivered five 24” side manways, an installation caddy, and support services within two weeks. The side manways were easily installed by their own maintenance personnel in half a day.

This is just one example of why side manways on poly tanks are growing in popularity. Other applications include adhesives blending and storage, polyurethane storage, wastewater treatment, and bulk briners.

CRP Tank Specialties offers high-performance side manways, large fittings, fume scrubbers, and custom accessories that will super-charge the performance of your poly tanks.

When a major computer company built a new Data Center in Newark, CA, the water treatment system design included a bulk briner for the production of 26% saturated brine. The 35-ton briner can accept 25-ton full truckload deliveries while having sufficient reserve capacity on hand for several days of operation.

The brine is used to regenerate the ion exchange resins used to remove contaminants from the water. BrineMaker supplied the bulk briner to the water treatment system OEM.

The move away from packaged salt to bulk delivery has risen in popularity for several compelling reasons; the cost per ton is a fraction of packaged salt, there is no employee bag handling and therefore no related injuries, the space dedicated to salt storage is reduced to the footprint of the bulk briner, bag handling and disposal is eliminated, and other than providing access to the delivery truck, employee involvement is essentially eliminated.

When considering your sodium chloride brine make-up requirements and your options, Bulk Briner 101 from BrineMaker can be very helpful.